Monday, August 20, 2007

Unpleasant Surprises and Productive Mornings

We went to the Museum of Science this weekend. The boys had a good time exploring and playing with the various exhibits. Colwyn really liked the maps, dinosaurs, and archeology exhibits. After lunch, we were sitting on the upper level of the kid play area. Lachlann was sitting on my lap playing with blocks, and we were next to a display of Bernoulli's principle--a jet of air holding an inflated ball aloft at a 45 degree angle. A woman and her child asked the interpreter what was making the ball "float." The explanation he gave was.. appalling. He said nothing about air pressure, or lift, and didn't relate it to flight. He certainly didn't mention Bernoulli at all. I couldn't believe it. I mean, honestly.. a MOS employee can't explain the few exhibits he's supposed to know about?

On the other hand, we've had a great morning so far. Colwyn drew a picture for Emily and wrote both their names on it. Then we put it in an envelope, addressed it, and stamped it. Then he helped me write a letter to the Geology Department at Salem State College, asking if there are any spots around here where we might successfully search for fossils (I also sent an email to the North Shore geology club asking for info, too). We also mailed a membership form to a local homeschooling group, and when I included a check for the dues, we had a discussion on what checks are, how they work, and why we use them.

Then we went for a nice walk around the block, found a piece of bark in the grass and figured out which tree it came from, then came inside and read The Lorax.

Not bad for a Monday morning. :)

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