Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Print-Rich Environment

Nah, my kids don't like books or anything. Nope, not one little bit.

Our latest treasures from the library include Dinosaurs After Dark (which actually reads a lot like In the Night Kitchen, Baby Brains, Earth to Stella!, and several put out by Barefoot Books. I like almost all of the books we've taken out, but my personal favorites by far are the ones from Barefoot Books. They just do such a wonderful job.. I've never known them to make a crappy book. We took out a lovely one on fairies, one about African pancakes (haven't read that one yet), and a multicultural counting book.

In other book news, I attended my first Usborne Books party. I really liked quite a few of their books and we ended up ordering five. Some were a little goofy, but definitely not any goofier than stuff you find in regular book stores. Can't wait to get the books.. I have no idea when they'll be coming, though.

I started reading some of the first Harry Potter book to Colwyn and it held his interest fairly well. Then we got sidetracked with two weeks of family visiting, so we're still only in the second chapter. I'll have to start that up again as he seemed to understand what was going on and even talked about it spontaneously later on.



At 9:42 PM, Blogger Jen said...

thanks for the link (barefoot). Great books I always forget about them when I am ordering books.
My kids are book junkies too. I find great books at building 19 in Haverhill (the lynn one too but haverhill is a little cleaner. Though the dollar store across the street from blg 19 on the lynnway is great for school and craft supplies). A few weeks ago they had scholastic books for 33 cents to 1.66. I bought 20! They usually have a lot of offbeat cultural books about african and hispanic culture.


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