Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fieldtrips Galore

We've had three big fieldtrips in the past week, what fun. I already talked about our trip to the wildlife sanctuary, so that's one down.

Last Wednesday, I took the kids into Boston to the Scooper Bowl at City Hall Plaza. We went with Jen, Calvin, and Miles, and took the Blue Line in from Wonderland. The boys had a great time on the T and it was so cute seeing Colwyn and Calvin sitting next to each other, looking out the window, pointing out planes and the tracks and other trains going past. Getting out of the subway station was not fun, though, as the stop wasn't handicapped accessible and we had strollers with us. In fact, the first trip up the escalator was downright dangerous and I feel like an idiot for even trying it. Then we dragged our strollers up another flight of stairs, each carrying our youngest child while the older kids went up in front of us. Blech.

The actual event was pretty fun, though. It was packed and hot but we got to taste a lot of delicious ice cream. The kids had fun playing and running around, and we saw two young kids (I dunno, maybe about ten years old?) playing guitar and drums, and their song selection was great (I'm blanking on what it was, but it was older music that you really wouldn't expect ten year olds to know). Very cute.

On the way back, Colwyn and Calvin talked even more, and Lachlann slept in his stroller, even with all the commotion on the T. It was a lot of work, but a really fun outing.

Our other outing was on the weekend, June 10th, I think. We took the kids to the Dragon Boat Festival on the Charles River. Aside from watching the boats on the river, which Lachlann loved, they got to see a demonstration of drumming and martial arts. There were a lot of craft type activities set up, but Colwyn wasn't really interested. We did get to sample a lot of Asian food, including my favorite, Pad Thai. Mmmm. Dad came with us and we met up briefly with his friend, Peter.

Here's a link to another Shutterfly album with pictures from the Festival as well as the Scooper Bowl, Wildlife Sanctuary, and others: http://share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=8Absm7ho0bNmH7.

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At 6:45 AM, Blogger Jen said...

I love the dragon boat festivals. I haven't been to the one in boston. I am always working the weekend it is held. My kids would be in hog's heaven!
On the topic of outings I highly suggest the lowell folk festival (http://www.lowellfolkfestival.org/). We go every year and its free! They have lots of folk music, ethnic bands, Khmer dancing, french-can etc and the best cambodian food vendors. Its at the end of July. I am planning on going the first day with my SIL and kids, then another day with the husband and kids. Its a lot of fun to go on a non-festival day to ride the streetcars, visit the train musuem, the revolving art museum and the factory musuems with lots of kid friendly alternative type restaurants. Actually that town has a really alternative family vibe to it. We always meet the greatest parents there at the park or in restaurants. Now only if some of them would move here! My kids love it up there. If you or the playgroup are interested in going up I don't mind driving.


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