Saturday, January 03, 2009

More Literacy

Book club is going well. We've had a bit of a difficult time having regular meetings, as most members have had sick kids at various points over the last month. But we finished most of Little House in the Big Woods and did some work in the journal. Colwyn drew a picture of a panther in a tree, ready to attack Pa (or Pa's father, I forget how the story went). Then he dictated some to me, just about his favorite parts of the book and how our family is alike/different from the family in the book. Then we read My Father's Dragon (and then the second book, and we're now in the third book in the series). Colwyn drew a picture of Elmer Elevator with tangerines in his hands and his knapsack on the ground, with lollipops, hairbows, and a toothbrush inside. Then he drew a separate picture of a rhino in a pond. We finally made it to Jen's house for book club yesterday and showed them our journal, and Calvin showed us his. It was pretty fun. The next book we're going to read is Stuart Little. All in all, we're having a good time, and I'm proud of Colwyn's ability to concentrate on the chapter books.

Colwyn has also been continuing to progress at sounding out words. It's really quite amazing to watch. He brings me notes all the time.. sometimes they're just scribbles (when he has a lot to say), but other times they're pretty good approximations of names or labels for pictures. I get the feeling that this is the way he'll end up teaching himself to read.. he'll learn how to spell, first. What a funny little boy.



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