Tuesday, November 18, 2008

For the Birds

We made our own birdhouses as a fun project last week. We used Paul Newman's lemonade and limeade cartons, cut out holes, put in perches, and filled with birdseed. Super easy. We hung them out on the pole on our deck that housed last year's birdfeeder that the squirrels chewed to pieces. Nice, quick project. No problem.

Only.. the next day, when the birds arrived.. there was a little bit of a problem. The cartons are just hung with a loop of string, and when a bird lands on a branch (or when the wind blows just a smidge), they spin like crazy. That makes it difficult for the following birds to land on it, and they often miss. I feel bad for them, really.. but it's so funny to watch. I can fix it, really.. it's just a matter of getting off my butt. In the meantime, the kids are having a blast watching the birds and occasional squirrel get dizzy.



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