Saturday, August 09, 2008

Checking In

I haven't disappeared off the face of the Earth, I promise. It's been three months since I posted last, and it's been quite a busy three months. Little Fiona was born two months ago, and we've really taken a break from anything resembling 'educational activities.' Not that I really set up structured activities to begin with, but whatever. We've been going to the playground, to a few indoor places, reading good books, watching interesting things on TV, listening to fun music, and playing around the house. The main thing is that the boys have been learning SO much about families and babies and working together. They've been learning about responsibility and being helpful and how to nurture little ones. And good discussions get thrown in about everything from nature preserves in Africa (from this story) to tides (from a trip to the park) to house centipedes (from finding one inside our house!).

So, please excuse our absense. We're quite busy, though it's generally not the sort of stuff I can brag about here. :) The good thing about unschooling is that I have faith that even though I'm not sitting down to make the kids to worksheets, that they're still learning valuable information.

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