Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Emerging Literacy

I don't know where I got this idea from, but when I remember, I'll sometimes ask Colwyn to write me a note. Usually, I ask him to write down what he wants for lunch or dinner and bring it to me while I'm putting the baby to sleep. He had just been getting the first letter and occasionally a middle letter right, but today when I asked him to do it, he wrote "PESA," which I think is a pretty good approximation of "pizza."

Our first real book club meeting is this Friday. We met two weeks ago to discuss and plan a bit, and so we've been working on reading Little House in the Big Woods. It's an interesting book.. there's talk about guns, butchering animals, spanking, and other stuff like that. Colwyn really likes it, and I've only skipped over a few things (like references to "Injuns"). We're going out tomorrow to buy a journal and then I'll see what he wants to do with it. On Friday, assuming we're all healthy (we're recovering from colds), we'll go share with the other kids.



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