Friday, September 11, 2009


I'm so annoyed with the school system. I sent in a letter of intent and education plan copied (with a few additions) from AHEM's website. The stuff I added in was what specific materials we plan on using and what materials we'll most likely use.. I figured it was likely that they'd ask for that info anyway. About a week after sending in our LOI, I got a letter back with a form that requested the exact info I'd already given in our LOI. Aggravated, I wrote "see attached" on the form and sent back our original LOI, with an additional paragraph at the top stating that this was info we'd already sent in. I also corrected them because the secretary had listed Colwyn as being in first grade, which is when most homeschoolers start reporting, but because Colwyn has an October birthday, he'd be in kindergarten this year. So anyway, I sent that in, and a week later I got another letter back saying that they were in receipt of my ed plan, and would I please give the middle school principal (who is in charge of approving HSers) a phone call. Really annoyed now, I sent back another letter saying:

I received a letter asking me to give you a phone call. Phone calls during the week, while caring for three young children, are impractical. More importantly, I would prefer to have a written record of all correspondence. I would appreciate it if you could address any concerns or questions in writing, through the mail.

I’m confident that our education plan for Colwyn far exceeds what he would be learning in Kindergarten this year. We’ve been planning to homeschool for years, we have a great support system in place, and are secure in our choices. I’ve already had to send in my letter of intent and education plan twice. I believe I have fulfilled my legal obligations in letting you know of our plan to homeschool. I would appreciate anything you could do to hasten this approval process.

I couldn't mail it until Tuesday because of the holiday, so I'm not expecting a response until Monday. I'm very curious to see what they have to say, but above all, I'm sick of getting the run around and would like this stupid approval process to be over and done with.


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