Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Preparing for Official Business

The time to send in our first Letter of Intent to the school department is fast approaching. Colwyn would only be starting kindergarten this year, which homeschoolers don't normally have to report for, but he'll be turning six in the fall. Homeschool reporting doesn't follow the same cutoffs that school does, it's by calendar year -- so I'll be sending in our LOI and starting to be more diligent about recording our homeschool activities. Should we have to report his progress at the end of the next school year (it's not definite, many cities don't even ask for any evaluation), we'll do a narrative. I figure that if I blog regularly, it should be pretty easy to assemble a page or two about what we've done all year.

So I'll be posting a lot more regularly, and probably in more detail, than I used to. I'm looking forward to having a nice record of what we do, as well as the opportunity to write more, myself. :)


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