Monday, May 05, 2008

Plans for Next Year

I've spent some time looking at kindergarten scope and sequence, from various sources, and thinking about what goals I'd like to have for the fall for Colwyn. These are things that Colwyn won't have any idea of, just things in my head that I'll try to bring up from time to time, to make sure he gets them in the context of his daily life. If we can get everything on this list, then he will be ahead of the game as far as kindergarten is concerned (since I'm sure he'll be learning lots of other things in addition to what's on my list).

Direction of text (reinforcement of left to right reading)
A few sight words (he can already sound out easy 3-letter words)
Fiction vs. non-fiction
Start spelling phonetically
Number sense (that six is more than five, etc)
Numeral recognition beyond ten
Skip counting (by two's, five's, etc)
Number patterns
Time - calendars and clocks
Measurements (length, volume)
Classification of living things

That's pretty much it, really. Everything else on the scope and sequence is stuff he already knows and can do. Clearly I'm hoping to focus more on abilities rather than specific knowledge--I don't care if he wants to learn about the Roman Empire instead of Columbus, but I'd like him to keep up with basic reading and math skills, as well as his understanding of the natural world, and our place in society. And to be honest, a lot of the stuff on the list he's already started working on.. it's just a matter of mastering the skills. I don't think we'll have too much trouble. :)


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