Thursday, February 28, 2008


I picked up some John Holt books at the library and have been reading through them. They're very interesting and he brings up a lot of good points, though I don't agree with him on everything. It was a funny coincidence, though, when I read one afternoon about him making labels for objects around the house to encourage familiarity with written words, and the next day Colwyn came up to me and said, "We're going to sell our candy. We need signs that say we sell candy."

So I readily agreed and within a few minutes we were set up at the table with crayons and index cards. The candy selling was forgotten, but they did make several signs--Colwyn with lots of M's and hearts, and Lachlann with lots of 'changing colors.' For my part, I cut about five index cards in half and wrote words on them like, 'door,' 'window,' 'stove,' and 'bedroom.' I gave them one at a time to Colwyn with some tape and he had a blast taping them up where they should go. He also taped up his own signs, and Lachlann taped up some of his.

That was a few days ago and Colwyn is still having fun reading the signs. I'll see him running his finger along under the word and saying it aloud. Too cute.



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