Friday, February 08, 2008

Sick Days

The kids are sick today. Well, it's mostly Colwyn with a fever and lethargy, though Lachlann threw up this morning (and is now acting fine). We've been watching TV all day as I really want Colwyn to rest as much as possible (and he doesn't really seem all that willing to get off the couch).

So I decided to show the kids finger knitting. I remember my Amma teaching me this when I was really little, and despite extremely infrequent use, it's easy enough that I still know how. They each did a bit, though I more or less did it for Lachlann but on his hands. Lachlann really enjoyed the long multicolored 'snake' I made for him, too.

We've finally hit a part in the Singapore math workbooks that Colwyn doesn't intuitively know. It's mainly numeral recognition, but there's also some graphing that I had to explain to him. We were doing up to about 10 pages at a time until we hit this part, and now it's more like two or three before Colwyn says he's done. I always let him stop when he wants, and he's so far he's always been willing to come back to it.

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