Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Oh, One More Thing...

I was just catching up on my blog reading, and found this nifty quote from a study put out by the Franklin Institute:

Surprisingly, several studies have found that home
education may help eliminate the potential negative
effects of certain socio-economic factors.
Though children whose parents have university
degrees score higher on tests of academic achievement
than other home schooled children, home
education appears to mitigate the harmful effect of
low parental education levels. That is, public
schools seem to educate children of poorly educated
parents worse than do the poorly educated
parents themselves. One study found that students
taught at home by mothers who had never finished
high school scored a full 55 percentile points
higher than public school students from families
with comparable education levels.



At 5:21 AM, Blogger Jen said...

I am seeing this quote everywhere! Interested and involved parents make a huge difference no matter what their education level is. I think a lot of struggling low income families may be 1-parent families or 2 low income wage earners where there is really no time for the parents to be involved with the children's education or even care. Therefore public school serves as a means of free babysitting (heck you see this with high income earners as well).


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