Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

What a change in weather since I wrote last. Wednesday was sunny and in the 70s, Thursday was rainy and in the 50s, and Friday was in the 30s and it snowed. At least the snow made for some fun activities.. I brought in two giant bowls of snow and let the kids play with it at the table. Lachlann was a bit hesitant at first and kept saying, "Cold!" but after a few minutes he really dug in. We made mini snowballs and threw them at the table to see them break apart. Then we put green sprinkles on the snow, as I was also baking sugar cookies and had them out. The kids hands are still green, despite repeated washings. :) I have pictures, but since I'm posting at work, I'll have to put them up later.

We also decorated sugar cookies for St. Patrick's Day (since the kids can't drink beer, they get cookies). We looked up Ireland on the globe, and talked briefly about St. Patrick.

Last week Colwyn saw a show on Animal Planet (Most Extreme something or other) that talked about prehistoric eagles. There was a reenactment of an eagle trying to catch some people, and Colwyn got a big kick out of that. We spent a good amount of time pretending that he was an eagle, and he'd chase me around. He also showed up his beak, and how he could gobble us up. He also likes pretending to be a bat, so when he does, we talk about where bats live and what they eat.

I bought some glow-in-the-dark stickers of planets and stars so Colwyn could put them on the wall next to his bed, but we were disappointed to find that the stickiness was gone. What a waste of $5. I also bought some of the plastic stars that you adhere with putty, and we're going to put them on our planets display. I still need to figure out where I want to put that.. it's frickin' huge. Unforunately, Lachlann likes to try to scrape the paint off the planets, so I can't really let him have access to it.

We were planning on going to the library today, but unforunately, it didn't open until 1pm because of the snow. So instead, we went to Target (so I could buy the kids their Ostara presents) and then to Sylvan Street Grille for lunch. Not quite the educational activity I had planned, but oh well. Oh, actually, we did fool around with the concept of more and less when we were playing a travel fishing game.. after we played, we counted how many fish we had each caught, and then figured out who had more.

Okay.. back to work.. I may add more later, and I'll definitely post the pictures tomorrow.

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