Saturday, January 27, 2007

I'm on a Roll!

Wow.. so, is it a good thing or a bad thing that it takes me a while to be ready to go to sleep after working 3pm-11pm? Let's say good...

Here's a link to 55 Reasons to Homeschool (they're short reasons, don't worry).

Here's a blurb from this article.

"Some people choose homeschooling simply because they are attracted to the lifestyle it allows, as well as the healthy family and socialization benefits. By participating in community life, homeschooled children feel comfortable with a wide variety of people. Without the social pressure from peers and age-segregated classrooms, kids feel more comfortable forming friendships. At our family baseball games, we see kids of all ages — siblings, friends, and newcomers — playing with each other and with adults in an unself-conscious way. Many people who come into contact with homeschooled kids remark on how easy it is to talk with them.

"Homeschooled kids are less likely to be peer dependent, and family life is likely to be less stressful when it is free from the demands of educational institutions. We often hear parents and kids talk about how relieved they feel from being freed of traditional schooling and nightly homework. These family members were nearly strangers to each other, sharing hurried breakfasts, chaotic suppers, and struggles over homework. With independent learning, they have more time to talk and listen; more time to spend in libraries, museums, and concert halls; or to hike, ride bikes, read, or think. These changes are what happens when family life is driven by the needs of families, rather than the needs of institutions."

Here's another fantastic article on why people choose to homeschool. I think this one sums it up best for us.



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