Monday, February 09, 2009

Living Life

Colwyn has been doing well with the Singapore book. He's got the shapes down pat, especially with the extra reinforcement that all the playdough-playing they've been doing recently has given them. We moved onto numeral recognition which is easy for him, too. Recently, we were doing some oral math, which is a pretty routine part of our day, and I decided to write down the numbers and signs, so he's gotten a little exposure to math sentences now.

We've gotten back into the habit of feeding the birds and squirrels. I'm thinking of seeing if the kids want to keep some sort of nature journal and record what they see out at the bird feeder. It might be fun to have them draw some of the birds they see.

Lachlann surprised me the other day by singing the ABCs. He did quite well. I need to remember that he's getting older now and might appreciate some more effort from me. Hmm.

Our homeschool group is still going well. We're having people at our house this week for a little Valentine's Day party. The kids will decorate 'mailboxes' and exchange cards, and then have some cupcakes or something. Two weeks ago everyone came over here for some Imbolc activities.. it was pretty much a bust, except for the ice cream I gave the kids as a special surprise. The activities I had planned really didn't hold a candle to the epic Star Wars battle they were involved in. Oh well.

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